STRAND IV | Simplicity and restraint were the guiding principles of this design for a residence positioned along the lyrical edge where land meets sea. The principal programmatic requirements were to maximize ocean views while maintaining a sense of privacy and security for the owners and their young children. The parti divides the program into two intersecting rectangular volumes engaging a central courtyard, one for communal and one for private, reflective activities. The various interior and exterior spaces are contained within a continuous fluid, white plane, a metaphor for water. Transparent, opaque and porous materials are inserted into this plane, providing the desired sense of enclosure. Limestone walls anchor the structure to the site and achieve a sense of permanence for the inhabitants. Floor to ceiling walls of glass embrace panoramic views while also blurring the distinction between interior and exterior space. A shared interest in sustainability between the owners and architect led to a design that incorporates a green roof, concrete floors to absorb the sun’s warmth in the winter, operable windows and large sliding doors to facilitate natural ventilation, a pool which acts as a passive cooling system and the use of low maintenance, recycled, eco-friendly materials.