LA SENDA | The Three Arch Bay house is located in Southern California along the edge of a rocky promontory overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Below the site, the fragmented remnants of a concrete pool built over one-hundred years ago speaks to the enchanted lives that have passed along this shoreline. Among them, the California plein-air painters of the early 20th century, who were drawn to this coastal setting for the remarkable textures, color, and light. The client’s brief was for a spacious home that expressed an appreciation for outdoor living, an open plan and practical house oriented to the ocean, and a central, wind sheltered courtyard. Consequently, the design developed into a layout that encouraged such a lifestyle. With views to the ocean and garden from almost every room, large living areas flow seamlessly, merging the thresholds between inside and outside. The architecture of the Three Arch Bay house focuses on dissolving boundaries, framing views, and enhancing the experience of the rituals of everyday life. Indoor and outdoor living is orchestrated by balancing views with privacy, communal space with intimacy. A reductionist approach to form and materiality give priority to an atmosphere of meditation and tranquility, establishing direct contact with the sea. INTERIOR DESIGN BY ARIA DESIGN, INC.ADMINISTRATIVE ARCHITECT BY C.J. LIGHT ASSOCIATES.