DALLAS HOUSE | This 7,000 SF custom residence designed for a prominent local Doctor sits on a hillside with immaculate views of the downtown Dallas skyline. Key design elements in the project include a lower level basketball court, elliptical stair, green roof deck, guest casita suite and a glass bottom lap pool that appears to float weightlessly over the Media Room below. The project’s architectural parti and primary organizational element is a continuous wrapping white plane that frames the available views on the site. The entry procession to the home begins by gradually ascending stone pads that seem to hover over a reflecting pond protected by a dense wall of vegetation. Upon arriving at the entry of the home one is greeted with a framed view of the downtown Dallas skyline. The infinity edge of the pool takes your eye out to the view and blurs the boundary between the edge of the home and the city skyline. The project suggests subtle tones of California modernism while at the same time showcasing materials that imply connection with the local natural stones and wood species found in the Dallas area.