CORONADO | This residence unifies two lots on a picturesque point of the San Diego Bay. Sweeping ocean water vies, cool salty breezes, a temperate climate and nautical allusions influenced the form and organization of this private retreat. Two masses of the house are linked by a glass-enclosed entryway. Slicing the two main masses, this transparent entry piece leads the eye to the private rear yard where an infinity edge pool seamlessly melts into the Pacific Ocean. The rear deck space takes advantage of the climate with outdoor seating, BBQ grills, integrated seating, outdoor fire pits, and panoramic views throughout. The home’s connection to the outdoors is amplified with sliding glass doors of the first level that disappear into stone clad wall recesses. This first level programmatically stores many of the recreational, culinary, entertainment, and social based spaces. The second level is accessed by either elevator or elliptical stairway, alluding to the sinuous undulations of the rest of the white elevated mass. This curving form provides security to more private spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms where views are framed with deep punctuations into the curvaceous structure. Additionally, the roof level becomes another gathering space with a roof top pool/jacuzzi combination, circular bar, BBQ grill and viewing deck with priceless views of downtown San Diego.