MOD-4 | MOD-4 is a modular, pre-fabricated structure designed for sustainable living in tropical environments. Eco-friendly building components are shipped as a kit-of-parts to the site by ground, air, or sea transport. Simple and efficient building components allow this structure to be assembled on site, in a relatively short amount of time. Designed to sit lightly upon the earth to minimize disturbance to the natural terrain, the structure is elevated above 4 in-situ concrete columns. A pinwheel pattern of 4 cantilevered steel frames designed to withstand severe storms, are connected to each concrete column. A sliding wall is contained within each steel frame, providing complete flexibility of enclosure. The sliding walls are composed of cementitious fiberboard panels, both durable and eco friendly. Electric energy is generated from roof mounted photovoltaic panels. Grey water is retained and treated for alternative uses. The lower level contains the living component, which includes a kitchen, dining, and living area and a service core consisting of a bath and mechanical/storage space. This level is accessed be a retractable stair concealed in the underside of the floor. The upper level is a sleeping loft. The total floor area is approximately 840 square feet and the total cost of the construction is expected to be under $125,000.