HUSH RESTAURANT | Space was essentially a stucco box, located on Coast Highway with limited accessibility and parking. Unusually stringent city regulations govern all commercial projects in Laguna Beach, requiring specialized skills in planning, interpretation and negotiation. Completely remodel a structure which has contained a series of popular restaurants over the years. Disregarding the often-used “themed” approach, Hush envisioned a unique environment which comfortably addresses the communal and the intimate desires of its clientele. Transforming the previous “box” into an articulate series of spaces defined by materiality, lighting, and form, a gesture of invitation is provided upon arrival by a back-lit, translucent acrylic canopy over the entry stairs. Inside, a long communal table pulls the eye to a series of intimate booths, immediately providing visitors the comfort of options. A glass wall provides a view into the wine room, while a stone wall with exterior fireplace creates a walled garden within the exterior dining terrace. A retractable canvas canopy softens the roofline, creating flexibility of enclosure options in response to variable coastal weather conditions.