COAST INN | A cultural landmark within Laguna Beach, originally known under a series of names but most notably the Boom Boom room. It was the first openly gay bar on the West Coast housing some of the most notorious parties over the decades with film stars and tourists alike. In recent years it was closed and fell into disrepair, the direction was to create a modern cohesive design that retained the historic spatial programming. The new program was to become a boutique hotel with three individual bar/restaurant zones, the most notable being a rooftop deck that captures the beautiful North cost view. With three different room typologies, including a two story family unit and oceanfront rooms with private cabanas. In addition, the program spilled across the street featuring a public deli and beach rental facility, retail space for lease, ample parking for the hotel and a members only pool club. The underlying design intent was to create a vibrant hub for the city, brining life and vitality back to this amazing structure.