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< projects list -- HAWKINS - Hillside site overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Design must adapt to unique natural environment, structural regulations, and geological conditions. Integrate the disparate needs a young family has for open and inviting communal spaces, along with environments which are private -- yet not exclusionary. Balance distinctiveness with the site safety and material “resilience” required with small children. This site fulfills a dialogue of dualities through design and materiality. Communal space is expressed as transparent volumes which blur the distinction between interior and exterior elements, while engaging the notion of limitless possibilities. Private spaces retain accessibility while providing solitude through opaque, inwardly focused elements and carefully positioned windows. The two blend seamlessly through limestone walls suggesting earth-bound permanence and visual weight, along with a metal butterfly roof floating seemingly weightless above clearstory windows, so as to lift and transcend the physical realm. This duality is further engaged with furnishings and accessories ranging from antique to modern, strategically placed in rooms with a clean, austere simplicity. INTERIOR DESIGN BY ARIA DESIGN, INC.
HORST ARCHITECTS      by fusing logic with imagination, truth with discovery, we bring transcendent environments to real-world situations.
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