SAN CLEMENTE MULTI-RESIDENTIAL | The site sits atop a steep bluff and presents beautiful ocean views up and down the coast. Working with the client it was key to maximize the stunning ocean view without forming narrow tubular viewports. As such the floorplans are designed around several key vertical courtyards that penetrate the center of the plans. This allows for key natural light and air to penetrate deep in the center of the floor plan, drawing that cool coastal air deep within the building using cross ventilation. In addition, these private courtyards act as interstitial space and break down the procession of entry, creating a sense of arrival to the unit. The exterior courtyards can be accessed by a “casita” module that can be independent on integrated into the unit as necessary. The primary fenestration consists of pocket and stackable sliders to open up the plans and dissolve the transition between interior and exterior. View corridors are apparent throughout the units, so regardless of the location in the unit the ocean views are ever present. The basement consists of a sizeable underground garage that has direct access to the units via one central control point. The public element then continues up a grand staircase and has a large communal deck that overlooks the street and looks back at the urban hillscape. The façade aesthetic was designed to create personality to each unit, without compromising a structural and uniformed design. Deep roof overhangs provide shading while creating drama over the units below. On the rear elevation, the goal was to optimize the interior to exterior flow and capture the breathtaking views and salty air. The sleeping quarters are to be clad in an operable wood by-product shutter system, taking full advantage of the views when while providing much-needed privacy and solar shading.