LONG(I) LIVE/WORK/CREATE | The Long(i) Live – Work – Create project is the brainchild of local sculptor, Louis Longi, whose studio and residence has occupied this Laguna Canyon site for 15 years. Designed by Horst Architects, this 30 unit artist live-work facility will host a wide array of multi-disciplinary artists and art students. The project will also become a significant component of the connective tissue for a community that has pride in its friendliness to the arts. The facility is composed of two separate buildings connected by a central courtyard. Interaction among the artists is encouraged by a series of shared exterior spaces, designed for both collective work and private contemplation. The central courtyard will become a community space where the artists can display and share their work. The project is currently in review with the City of Laguna Beach Planning Commission and is scheduled to begin construction in the autumn of 2013.